Train Accident Kills 2 Teens in Kentucky

train accident

Lack of Barriers Could Have Contributed to Deadly Kentucky Train Accident A train accident in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday, March 14th, killed two teenagers and seriously injured the other two teenagers in the vehicle. According to witness reports, and a video taken by one bystander, a car tried to speed across the tracks just in front of an … [Read more...]

Wisconsin Mom Charged with Homicide After Distracted Driving Deaths

distracted driving death

Wisconsin Mom Faces Three Homicide Charges After Distracted Driving Deaths A mom from Wisconsin has officially been charged with three counts of homicide after a 2013 car accident, after she caused distracted driving deaths, which killed her 11 year old daughter and two 5 year old nieces. She and her son survived the accident. Kari J. Milberg, … [Read more...]

Actor Robert Carradine in Tractor Trailer Accident

tractor trailer accident

Robert Carradine and Wife Involved in Head-On Tractor Trailer Accident The star of “Revenge of the Nerds” and “Lizzie Maguire,” Robert Carradine, as well as his wife Edie Mani, were reportedly involved in a head-on tractor trailer accident in Colorado on March 5th. Both Carradine and his wife were seriously injured in the tractor trailer … [Read more...]

Medical Treatment After A SC Car Accident

sc car accident

Securing Medical Treatment After an SC Car Accident:  Victims Could Wait Too Long After 9-11 Calls Our Columbia, SC Car Accident attorneys have recommended it before: if you are hurt in a South Carolina car accident, the first step is to call 9-11 and report the accident, regardless of who is at fault or if anyone has been injured. While you may … [Read more...]

What Do You Do When the Driver Is at Fault and Underinsured?


Bruce Jenner Underinsured, May Not Cover Fatal Car Accident Victim's Damages: Although Bruce Jenner will not see criminal charges after he caused a fatal car accident, he could still face a wrongful death lawsuit if his insurance fails to cover the victim’s family’s costs, he was underinsured. “For a fatality, let’s say the jury awards $10 … [Read more...]

March is Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month

traumatic brain injury awareness

Understand Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month and Your Rights During March The Brain Injury Association of America notes that March is Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month. Too many people suffer traumatic brain injuries in the US, often due to another’s negligence or reckless endangerment. The BIA’s TBI theme for 2015 to 2017 is “Not … [Read more...]

Teen Drivers Still Texting and Driving Despite Dangers

texting and driving

Teen Drivers Know About the Dangers of Texting and Driving But Many Still Do It The latest survey about texting and driving shows that 98% of drivers understand the dangers of texting and driving – statistically, it just as dangerous as drinking and driving – but those drivers chose to text and drive regardless of the increased risk of injury or … [Read more...]

Road Rage Car Accident Nearly Kills 3

road rage

Three Victims Nearly Die After Road Rage Incident Leads to Car Accident and Plunge Into Frozen River Three passengers of a silver SUV in Stoneham, Maine, claim that a red truck caused them to run off the road and plunge into the frozen Crooked River. The car accident was caused by road rage, the victims say, and it nearly killed them. Manny Ticas … [Read more...]

Passenger Train Accident Involving Truck Injures 28

passenger train accident

California Train Hits Truck, Passenger Train Accident Injures 28 Passengers After a passenger train accident on Tuesday morning, involving a produce truck that became stuck in the tracks and a passenger train, 28 people have been injured, 4 of which are in critical condition. Authorities said that many of the train accident victims were being … [Read more...]

SC Workers Comp Death Benefits Possible for Family of Log Truck Operator

SC workers comp death benefits

Log Truck Driver Dies While On the Job, Family Could Get SC Workers Comp Death Benefits The driver of a logging truck died after being pinned between his vehicle and another log truck that rolled forward. The South Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating the accident. In the meantime, his family could be eligible to receive SC workers comp death … [Read more...]

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