South Carolina Burn Injury Lawyers

South Carolina Burn Injury Lawyers Fighting for Fair Compensation For Burn Injury Victims

Whether the result of a fire, exposure to heat such as steam or boiling water, or the result of exposure to chemicals or radiation, the effects of a burn injury on children and adults can be devastating, result in permanent scarring, and may even result in death. When you have suffered a serious burn injury due to the negligence of another, you need a Columbia, South Carolina burn injury lawyer who will fight for the money that you deserve.

By most accounts, the excruciating pain and psychological trauma of disfigurement that a third-degree burn victim suffers is unimaginable. In addition to the initial trauma suffered, serious burn injuries require ongoing lifetime care, rehabilitation, and many times additional surgery.

For this reason, it is imperative that your South Carolina burn injury attorney conducts a thorough medical analysis and fully evaluates how your burn injury will affect you both now and in the future. Our South Carolina burn victim and wrongful death attorneys have the resources that you need to properly assess burn injury cases. We understand the need to review and plan for the immediate and long-term effects of different types of third-degree skin burns. We welcome the opportunity to provide you a no cost consultation to discuss how we can help.

The South Carolina burn injury lawyers at the Strom Law Firm, LLC will aggressively pursue your burn injury claims involving:

At The Strom Law Firm, LLC, we handle burn victim lawsuits in South Carolina and throughout the Southeastern United States.

Understanding the Seriousness of a Burn Injury

First Degree Burns

First degree burns are treated as a minor burn unless they are extensive. First degree burns typically only affect the outer layer of skin. First degree burns typically look like a sunburn and are limited to redness and minor pain.

Second Degree Burns

The degree of pain associated with a second degree burn depends upon the amount of nerve damage. Second degree burns affect the second layer of skin and may result in blistering.

Third Degree Burns

The most serious burn injuries. Third degree burn injury will cause permanent tissue damages as well as major damage and deformity to all layers of the skin. Third degree burns usually require skin grafts or plastic surgery. Injured third degree burn victims are typically flown immediately to a local burn center.

Fortunately, South Carolina is within reach of some of the United States most respected burn centers.

Our South Carolina burn injury lawyers have a passion for helping victims recover the full amount compensation they deserve. Contact the South Carolina burn victim attorneys at the Strom Law Firm, LLC today for a free consultation to discuss how we can help.


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