Bond Reduction/Bail Reduction

Bond Reduction/Bail Reduction

Bond and Bail ReductionBond-reduction/bail-reduction hearings are held in order to determine whether or not a bond will be required in order to release, or bail, a person out of police custody. A bond helps assure that the individual who was charged with a crime will return for preliminary hearings and all other criminal procedures.

Seeking Bond Reduction/Bail Reduction   in Any Type of Criminal Defense Case:

Bail is normally determined at arraignment and involves a serious criminal misdemeanor or felony charge.

The judge considers many factors when assigning bail:  the likelihood the defendant will commit another crime if released, the danger to the community, prior record and most importantly whether or not the defendant will return for the next court date.

 Bond Reduction/Bail Reduction could also depend the fact that after the arraignment some new information or a “change” in circumstance has been presented. In other words, the facts have changed or new facts have been discovered that would change the surrounding circumstances of the case.

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