Defending Criminal Domestic Violence Charges

Arrested with Criminal Domestic Violence Charges in South Carolina?

Prosecuting criminal domestic violence, CDV, is a top priority in South Carolina.

In fact, there are 46 dedicated criminal domestic violence prosecutors, one for each of the state’s forty-six counties. Criminal domestic violence charges are heard in a separate domestic violence court in Richland and Lexington Counties

Being charged with domestic violence does not mean that you are guilty.  In the heat of an argument, an angry spouse can contact the police leading to an arrest even if the call is placed to gain an advantage in a divorce or custody proceeding.

An officer responding to the call may identify who they deem to be the primary aggressor; if a physical injury is noted, no matter how slight, the call can end with someone going to jail.

A minor situation may be misunderstood and blown way out of proportion, resulting in an arrest. Even when the situation cools down and the victim is against pressing criminal domestic violence charges, the damage is done.

The decision of whether to proceed lies in the hands of a prosecutor specifically tasked with fighting criminal domestic violence, requiring the immediate assistance of a CDV attorney who knows how to fight the system and protect what is at stake.

Regardless of the circumstances, being accused of child abuse or spousal abuse are serious charges that can result in serious consequences. It can tear apart your family, result in prison time, and end your career.

Even if the Judge releases you on bond, you may be forced to leave your home and ordered to stay away from your spouse or significant other and possibly your children. The victim may be referred to Family Court to request an Order of Protection where a Judge can order you to leave your home, lose your right to visitation or even custody or your children, and obligate you to pay alimony to your spouse.

Being convicted of CDV can have affect you professionally. If you are convicted of criminal domestic violence, you will lose your right to carry or possess a firearm, which for law enforcement and members of the military can end your career.

Whether you have been charged with:

  • domestic violence
  • child abuse
  • sexual assault or battery
  • stalking

or any other domestic violence related offense, we can help.

The CDV attorneys at The Strom Law Firm, LLC have experience and the resources you need to challenge your criminal domestic violence arrest.

We provide aggressive representation and will file a motion to obtain statements made by the victim as well as the police and any witnesses and review all available evidence to provide you a well planned defense.

Contact the domestic violence defense attorneys at the Strom Law Firm, LLC today for your free consultation.  We offer flexible payment options and accept Visa and Mastercard.


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