Pre-Trial Intervention

South Carolina Drug Crime Attorneys – Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI)

The South Carolina Criminal Diversion Program operates a pre-trial intervention (PTI) program in each county, which stands as an alternative to criminal prosecution.

PTI is a program for people to participate in who have not already plead guilty or have been convicted yet.  A complete program consists of 30-50 hours of community service, counseling, passing drug screenings, and a written report. PTI for criminal domestic violence typically factors in a 26 week counseling session requirement. pre-trial intervention takes six to nine months to complete from the initial reference by the prosecution.

Many misdemeanor and felony charges can be dismissed through Pre-Trial Intervention, including criminal domestic violenceburglary and drug possession.  DUI and major violent crimes are not eligible for PTI.

Those who have no or a minimal criminal record can qualify to participate in PTI, though you are only eligible to go though once. PTI is available for persons of all ages who are have criminal charges against them in Magistrate, Municipal, or General Sessions Court.

Why Participate in PTI?

A completed PTI program can help you to dismiss or even expunge any criminal charges on your record. Opting for a plea bargain or fine payment, as an alternative to PTI, can make those criminal charges on your record permanent and can have devastating effects on your future.  Depending on the charges against you, without PTI you may face potential probation, jail time, and loss of certain rights.

What If I Am Innocent?

Pre-trial intervention is the only guarantee your case will be dismissed and will not face any jail time. There is always a risk of being found guilty in any criminal trial, and taking the option of PTI will not result in that fate. However, a prosecutor must recommend you first in order to participate in PTI.

Participating in pre-trial intervention requires a $100 application fee, and a $250 charge once accepted. Another $30 fee is allotted for the program’s drug screening. During the PTI process, a participant remains on bond and is expected to agree with all restrictions and procedures associated.

Once a participant is enrolled in a PTI program, they always have the option to discontinue their participation and have the charges brought against them returned to Court of prosecution.

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