Home Invasion Crimes

South Carolina Home Invasion Attorneys

A home invasion crime occurs when someone knowingly enters a home of another, without authority, when they’re aware that the home is occupied upon entrance and intentionally causes a crime within the home. A simple threat to use force against the inhabitants of the invaded home can be sufficient grounds for a home invasion crime.

Charges for home invasion crimes vary from state to state. Punishment can depend on a number of other prevailing factors, for instance if the invasion included an act of burglary or was committed with the use of a weapon the criminal penalties that transpire can become more severe.

Consequences of a Home Invasion Crime 

Almost all convictions will include imprisonment. Other consequences include:

  • Probation or Parole
  • Loss of the right to be bonded
  • Restitution
  • Court ordered counseling
  • Fines

Consequences depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • Injuries caused
  • Prior similar convictions
  • Any other prior convictions
  • Currently on probation/parole
  • Attitude of community and court toward this type
    of crime
  • Degree of media attention to this case
  • Mitigating/aggravating circumstances

Defense for a home invasion case can pull from a variety of factors: insufficient evidence, factual innocence, unintentional injury or the right to be on the property.

To help the outcome of your case, start preparing your defense by gathering documentation to show you’re in good standing with the community (i.e. reference letters, employment history, community service, etc.) Exercise your right to remain silent and seek qualified counsel right away. Record all significant events and potential witnesses; however, do not attempt to investigate your own case, the information you gather will help your attorney prepare a proper defense for your case.

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