Indecent Exposure Criminal Defense

Sex Crimes and Indecent Exposure Defense in South Carolina

Indecent ExposureIndecent exposure involves purposely exposing one’s body parts in public. The penalties for indecent exposure in South Carolina can be severe, especially if you have previously been convicted of another sex crime.

According to Wikipedia, Indecent Exposure is defined as “Indecent exposure is the deliberate exposure in public or in view of the general public by a person of a portion or portions of his or her body, in circumstances where the exposure is contrary to local moral or other standards of appropriate behavior.” In many states, exposure of the genitals is illegal, although some states require evidence of intent to shock, offend, or arouse victims.

In South Carolina, the law defines indecent exposure specifically: “Willful, malicious and indecent exposure of person in public place, on property of others, or to view of person on street or highway.”

Although typically a misdemeanor, if you are charged with indecent exposure in front of a child, it could result in a felony.

Types of Indecent Exposure:

Indecent exposure or public nudity charges can also arise from misunderstandings including:

  • incidents in dorm room or college settings
  • mooning and streaking
  • unintentional exposure due to unawareness of other people’s presence

You could face up to 3 years in prison, and/or a fine at the discretion of the court. Regardless of age, you may even have to register as a sex offender, if the court deems the circumstances require it.

You could potentially find yourself facing serious charges of indecent exposure as the result of a harmless prank. If you are convicted of South Carolina indecent exposure, call the Strom Law Firm LLC to help protect your future and your reputation.

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