South Carolina Department of Revenue

State Income Tax Return

The South Carolina Department of Revenue is the agency that administers the state’s tax laws. The SC DOR is separate and distinct from the IRS and taxpayers are required to file a separate tax return with the SC DOR.

The following forms can be found on the SC DOR website:

  • Individual income tax forms
  • Corporate tax forms
  • Alcohol beverage license tax forms

South Carolina Alcohol Beverage License

The SC DOR is also responsible for business licensing and alcohol beverage licensing.

In order to obtain a license to sell alcohol at your business establishment, you must go through an elaborate and complicated process through the Department of Revenue. Additionally, there are strict laws and regulations surrounding alcohol beverage licenses.

The attorneys at Strom Law Firm are experienced with helping clients acquire an alcohol beverage license, as well as handling matters related to the refusal, suspension or revocation of an alcohol beverage license.  From the initial application to appealing the revocation of your alcohol beverage license, we will fight to make sure your rights are protected.

Contact The South Carolina Liquor License Attorneys at Strom Law Firm, LLC today if you need help obtaining a license or filing your state tax returns with the South Carolina Department of Revenue.

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