Archives for November 2009

American Cancer Society Recommends Mammograms For Women 40 And Older

Despite recent controversy surrounding the United States Preventative Services Task Force's (USPSTF) opinion that women should not receive mammograms until the age of 50, The American Cancer Society confirmed its recommendation earlier this week that women 40 and older should continue to receive the screening. The Task Force based its decision … [Read more...]

Golf Cart Tax Credit Brings Joy to the Holiday Season

Looking for the perfect gift? As we recently discussed, Uncle Sam's is offering a generous Federal Tax Credit to those who purchase a qualifying electric low speed vehicle (LSV), on or before December 31, 2009. Although traditional golf carts are not actually covered by the credit, many of the qualifying models available look like golf carts and … [Read more...]

Cockfighting Investigation Yields 21 Arrests

U.S. Attorney Walt Wilkins announced Wednesday that 21 people were charged in three separate indictments for their invovlement in two cockfighting ventures operated in Lexington and Williamsburg Counties. Undercover officers attended eight cockfighting events in Lexington and Williamsburg counties during a thirteen month investigation. The … [Read more...]

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