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Arizona Overturns Marijuana DUI Ruling

Arizona Court Says Lingering Marijuana Not Enough to Prosecute for DUI Currently, 21 states and Washington, DC have passed legislation allowing medical use of marijuana, and two states – Colorado and Washington State – allow recreational use of the drug. These laws, however, have led to more DUI arrests related to marijuana use, and complicated … [Read more...]

Delays at Veterans’ Administration Hospitals Still Killing Patients

Delays at Veterans’ Administration Hospitals Across the Country Are Killing Patients On Thursday, April 24th, news broke that the Veterans Administration Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona had a secret waiting list to hide delays in months-long delays in treatment and diagnoses, so that the hospital would appear as though it made strides in shortening … [Read more...]

General Mills Drops Forced Arbitration Clause

After Public Outcry, General Mills Removes Forced Arbitration Clause and Goes Back to Old Privacy Policy After several customers expressed disgust over General Mills’ updated privacy policy, which included a broad forced arbitration clause, the food company reversed its decision and returned to its original privacy policy. The updated forced … [Read more...]

Nebraska Woman Files Lipitor Lawsuit

Elmwood-area Woman Files Lawsuit for Lipitor Injuries A woman from Elmwood, Nebraska has filed a lawsuit against Pfizer, alleging that the pharmaceutical manufacturer failed to warn about the dangers of taking Lipitor. Jodie Ward filed the lawsuit in the middle of April of this year in the US District Court of Nebraska. Although her lawsuit is … [Read more...]

Transvaginal Mesh Unit Failed Inspections

FDA Warns Endo’s Transvaginal Mesh Unit About Follow-Up Inspection Endo Pharmaceuticals received a warning letter from the FDA about one of its American Medical Systems transvaginal mesh manufacturing facilities. The Minnesota-based facility reportedly needed further corrections and updates, according to a recent FDA inspection. The transvaginal … [Read more...]

Studies Reveal Traumatic Brain Injury Risks in Contact Sports

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Occurs After Just One Year of Contact Sports A new study shows that after just one year of contact sports, brain changes that can lead to mild traumatic brain injury show up in players, even if the player did not suffer a concussion. The study was presented at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Association … [Read more...]

Montana Settles Risperdal Lawsuit for $5.9 Million

Janssen To Pay $5.9 Million Settlement to Montana for Misleading Ads In March of this year, Montana State Attorney General Tim Fox announced that Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals agreed to pay $5.9 million to settle allegations in the state regarding its antipsychotic drug, Risperdal. Like many Risperdal settlements in … [Read more...]

Mycamine Manufacturer Settles Whistleblower Lawsuit for $7.3 Million

Astellas Pharma US Settles Mycamine Whistleblower Lawsuit with Federal Government Astellas Pharma US, the pharmaceutical manufacturer behind intravenous antifungal drug Mycamine, has agreed to a $7.3 million settlement in a whistleblower lawsuit related to the drug. The settlement was unsealed on Wednesday, April 16th. Whistleblower Frank Smith … [Read more...]

Traumatic Brain Injury Increases Suicide Risk in Teens

Teenagers with Traumatic Brain Injury at Higher Risk of Suicide, Risky Behaviors Recent studies on teenagers with traumatic brain injuries such as concussions have shown that children’s cognitive function is impaired. Now, a study shows that mood disorders, risky behaviors, and an increased risk of suicide can be associated with traumatic brain … [Read more...]

OTC Painkillers and Pradaxa Are a Dangerous Mix

Painkillers and Blood Thinners Like Pradaxa Can Increase Bleeding Risk People who take prescription blood thinners like Pradaxa, along with over the counter painkillers like aspirin, put themselves at a higher risk of serious internal bleeding. Most over-the-counter painkillers, like ibuprofen and aspirin drugs, are non-steroidal … [Read more...]

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