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Council Finds Police Brutality Led to Woman’s Death

2012 LAPD Police Brutality Incident Led to Victim’s Death On Wednesday, October 14th, City Council members unanimously voted to award $2.5 million to Thomas’s children in the police brutality case for the pain and suffering they endured over the loss of their mother. Neither the attorneys who filed the wrongful death case, nor the Los Angeles … [Read more...]

Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Scandal Continues in 2016 Models

Volkswagen Could Face More Class Action Plaintiffs as Diesel Emissions Scandal Hits Newer Models German automaker Volkswagen has, until recently, been renowned for its fuel-efficient and environmentally-conscious vehicles. However, a study at a West Virginia university revealed that the company’s newer diesel vehicles featured a “cheat device” in … [Read more...]

Jury Awards DUI Victim’s Family Millions in Dram Shop Liability Case

Columbia Bar to Pay $3.85 Million to Family of Emma Longstreet in Dram Shop Liability Case The tragic story of Emma Longstreet’s death changed DUI laws in the state of South Carolina forever.  The Longstreet family filed a dram shop liability lawsuit against the Columbia bar that served the drunk driver who hit the family. On Friday, October … [Read more...]

Two California Teens Arrested for Child Porn Charges

Sex Tape of Girl and Boy Leads to Child Pornography Charges for Two Teen Boys in Sacramento Two teenage boys have been arrested in Sacramento on child pornography charges after allegedly releasing a sex tape involving a female student who did not consent to being filmed. According to Sacramento police, one of the boys filmed the other having sex … [Read more...]

Florida Boy Makes Plea for Stricter Motorcycle Accident Laws

Florida Boy’s Plea for Mandatory Helmet Laws Highlights Motorcycle Accident Dangers Just weeks after his mother passed away in a motorcycle accident, a 9-year-old boy in Florida made an impassioned plea through YouTube to Florida to improve their motorcycle helmet safety laws. Trey Flourney told viewers that his mother, Tonya, died after a … [Read more...]

Separation Pay Limits Initial Veterans Benefits

Disabled Veterans Say They Were Not Warned That Separation Pay Affects Veterans Benefits When a veteran returns from a tour of duty, he or she may have immediate needs with the Veterans Administration including treatment for lost limbs or hearing loss. In other cases, exposure to chemicals or violence may create problems for veterans, from post … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits Increasing

Nursing Home Abuse Cases Increase in the US When an elderly loved one becomes too frail to care for themselves any longer, the hardest choice the family must make is whether or not to put the relative in a nursing home. The next decision is deciding which nursing home to trust. And with cases of nursing home abuse increasing while reporting … [Read more...]

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Alleging Deadly Police Brutality Filed

Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Claiming Police Brutality The grieving family of a 17-year-old boy, shot and killed in an altercation with a police officer, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Eaton County Sheriff’s Department and the arresting sergeant after a traffic stop in February led to serious police brutality that killed the … [Read more...]

“Dance Moms” Star Faces Federal Wire Fraud Charges

Star of “Dance Moms” Faces Federal Charges Including Wire Fraud for False Bankruptcy Reports Abby Lee Miller, star of “Dance Moms” on Lifetime, has reportedly been charged by the federal government with wire fraud and bankruptcy fraud after hiding more than $775,000 in income. Per a filing in Pittsburgh by the US Attorney’s Office, Miller has … [Read more...]

Construction Accidents on the Rise in US

Work Related Construction Accidents On The Rise As the economy continues to bounce back from the 2008 Recession, construction is booming. With the surge in construction comes an increase in the number of construction accidents and fatalities across the country. 2014 construction accident and fatality statistics compiled by OSHA confirm the … [Read more...]

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