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ADM Files Class Action for GMO MIR 162 Syngenta Corn Seed Lawsuit

Syngenta Class Action GMO MIR 162 Lawsuit

Syngenta CornArcher Daniels Midland Company filed a Syngenta corn seed lawsuit on Wednesday, November 19th, for negligence and false statements regarding whether or not major corn purchasers like China would accept a new gene in GMO corn.

The class action corn seed lawsuit, which involves over 100 individual commercial corn farmers, accuses Syngenta of releasing gene MIR162 in the corn breed Viptera to farmers for purchase before major US corn purchasers, especially China, approved the gene for import. China began rejecting Viptera corn in February this year, and around 1 million tons of corn have been rejected.

ADM’s Syngenta corn seed lawsuit  claims Syngenta failed to create an effective stewardship program to ensure Viptera corn would not be shipped to markets that have not approved it yet, which caused serious economic loss for American corn farmers. ADM alleges that Syngenta told corn farmers and exporting companies that it would develop and enforce programs aimed at separating Viptera corn from other varieties, to ensure that the GMO corn would not be shipped to the wrong marketplaces. However, ADM said, “Syngenta did none of this.”

“These rejections have resulted in very substantial losses to U.S. exporters who have had their shipments to China turned away, including tens of millions of dollars in damages to ADM,” the Chicago-based company said in its lawsuit, which was filed in a state court in Louisiana.

Discussions of consolidating the  Syngenta corn seed lawsuits will occur in Charleston, South Carolina in December. The class action lawsuit will likely be consolidated in Illinois or Iowa.

The Strom Law Firm, LLC has filed a Syngenta corn seed lawsuit here in South Carolina.

Other grain exporting companies, such as Cargill Inc and Trans Coastal Supply, have filed their own corn seed lawsuits against Syngenta for economic losses related to Viptera corn.

“ADM believes Syngenta’s actions were irresponsible and is seeking monetary damages,” Jackie Anderson, an ADM spokesman, said in the e-mailed statement.

“Syngenta believes that the lawsuit is without merit and strongly upholds the right of growers to have access to approved new technologies that can increase both their productivity and their profitability,” Syngenta responded on Thursday, November 20th.

The Strom Law Firm Is Investigating Farmers’ Claims Regarding Syngenta Corn

If you or someone you love grew, harvested, and sold non- MIR 162 corn on a commercial basis, or if you received revenue from non-MIR 162 corn under a crop-share arrangement from November 2013 to now, you may be eligible to participate in a class action seeking to recover compensation for lost profits.  Syngenta Corn Lawsuit. The attorneys at the Strom Law Firm, LLC offer a free consultation and flexible appointment times.  Do not wait until it’s too late.  Contact us today.  803.252.4800



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