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Aiken, SC Man Faces South Carolina Criminal Justice for Attacking His Father

Man Faces Many Counts of South Carolina Criminal Justice

Last week, a man in Aiken, SC allegedly attacked his father, strangled a female victim, and then held himself “hostage” at knife point. He will now face South Carolina criminal justice.

Aaron Kranenberg, armed with a sword, attacked the two victims in a house on Poplar Place. Officers responded to a call about the fight between father and son, and when they arrived, the woman who answered the door said Kranenberg had tried to assault her.

The female victim, who has remained unnamed, said that she was watching a movie with Kranenberg in his bedroom when they began to have a deep discussion. Kranenberg, who had been drinking, became upset and would not let her leave his room. The woman screamed, causing Kranenberg’s father to run into the bedroom. Kranenberg attacked his father for interrupting, and when the woman tried to help, he strangled her, and punched her in the face several times. He forced her into the bedroom again, and locked the door until the police arrived on the scene, as though awaiting South Carolina criminal justice.

South Carolina Criminal Justice, Even for “Hostage”

South Carolina criminal justice extends to illegal weapons, like these
South Carolina criminal justice extends to illegal weapons, like these

When the police went into Kranenberg’s room, he stepped out of his closet with a knife to his throat, and would not drop the weapon until after the officers asked him to do so. According to the reports, the officers were able to negotiate with Kranenberg to get him to drop the blade. He tried to stab himself in the stomach, but the officers were able to stop him.

He was taken to a hospital, and a warrant was issued for him later. He will now face the South Carolina criminal justice system.

Officers later seized four swords, a set of sais (a Japanese weapon), six knives, and a crossbow with 10 arrows from Kranenberg’s room.

South Carolina Criminal Justice Lawyers

If you or a loved one is facing charges in Aiken County, and need a South Carolina Criminal Justice Defense Lawyer, the seasoned Attorneys at Strom Law Firm can help. Working for over 16 years to help those accused of crimes, both minor and serious, Strom Law Firm knows how to protect your rights in Aiken County.  We handle all criminal matters in all courts in Aiken County.

As soon as you can following your charge, it is important to hire counsel who has the experience and knowledge to help protect you. The Attorneys at Strom Law Firm, including former US Attorney for the District of South Carolina, Pete Strom, make regular visits to the Aiken County Detention Center, and are familiar with AIken County’s magistrate courts, municipal courts, and the circuit court. We have the Attorneys who can provide you with criminal defense specific to Aiken County’s code, if you are facing charges.

Establishing an effective strategy as soon as you can is a critical component of defending yourself against criminal charges. The biggest part of that strategy is finding a lawyer who can stand up for you, and who knows the system. At Strom Law Firm, we have a number of Criminal Defense Attorneys who regularly work with the Aiken County Legal System, and an in-house investigator to gather evidence and information that we need. If you have been charged with a crime, you do not have to fight the charges alone. Contact the Strom Law Firm today, and let us start working to help you.



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