Atlantic Beach: Black Bike Week Ghost Town

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Black Bike Week is an annual tradition for many African American Bikers in South Carolina. In years past, Black Bikers would flock to Atlantic Beach, located along South Carolina’s Grand Strand – now Atlantic City sits as a mere ghost town compared to neighboring beaches.

African Americans from Atlanta to Baltimore make their way to Black Biker Week on Memorial Day weekend each year. People come for “sweet bikes, hot girls, and wild parties” as Black Bike Week attendee David Young put it. These “wild parties” have migrated out of Atlantic Beach and into neighboring towns.

In the past, Atlantic Beach was the lone beach where African Americans could gather and relax. Three decades ago, the annual African American bike rally took root. Today, bikers flock to neighboring North Myrtle Beach to stay, eat, and play.  Recently, neighboring towns were annexed by North Myrtle Beach in an effort to widen the tax base and lure in developers. Atlantic Beach voted to not join this annexation and instead stand alone like it always has in an effort to preserve its history. Developers have kept out of Atlantic Beach. Currently fences separate Atlantic Beach from neighboring beaches. Houses that once used to draw in numerous occupants are now overtaken by luxury resorts with rooms going from $350 a night.

As one Black Bike Week attendee said when stopping into Atlantic Beach, “Where is everyone?” Apparently not in Atlantic Beach.

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