Back-to-School Means No Pork and No Football?!

As children everywhere are going back to school, one college is taking an unorthodox approach to help fight the obesity epidemic.

Paul Quinn College in Texas recently instituted a ban on pork. School President, Michael J. Sorrell has made healthy eating a priority for the Historically Black College since taking office five years ago. Sorrell felt cutting pork was the next step in the healthy eating journey.Back-to-school

In a statement to the campus Sorrell wrote, “We know there are many negative health consequences of consuming pork (eating pork can lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, sodium retention and heart problems, not to mention weight gain and obesity.”Sorrell continued by saying, “Therefore, as part of our continued effort to improve the lives and health of our students, Paul Quinn College and its food service partner Perkins Management have collaborated to create a pork-free cafeteria. From this semester forward PQC will no longer serve dishes containing pork. That applause you hear in the background is the blood pressure of our students, faculty and staff.”

 What happened to the football program?

Pork is not the only thing missing from the PQC’s campus. PQC no longer has a football program. Sorrell surprised many in 2010 when he eliminated the football program and turned the extra field into a garden to grow vegetables and fruit. The produce grown on the campus sells on campus to students and in local markets around the area.

Why did Sorrell go to these drastic measures? Sorrell told The Dallas Observer he was concerned about the student body’s heath because they are particularly susceptible to heart problems and weight gain among other issues.

“The reality is that our student population comes from a demographic that struggles with the type of health concerns that you see in an underresourced community,” he states in an interview.

As to whether or not the no pork policy will catch on in schools in South Carolina and across the country, the answer to that question is … probably not. Officials do not anticipate seeing other schools adopt the no-pork policy. In fact, recently there has been a trend in college campuses across the nation to provide more dining options instead of less.

Sorrell does not believe the no-pork policy will be the end of the world for his students. “The reality of it is, it’s not as big of a deal as people make it out to be. You can be O.K. without pork. I think they’ll survive.”


The Strom Law Firm wishes students and parents of students heading back to school a happy and rewarding school year.  If you have legal question that needs answering, call the Strom Law Firm today. 803.252.4800.


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