Beware of Spiders?

Spiders on a plane?

Seems eerily reminiscent of the movie “Snakes on Plane”; however, this plot is not fictional.spider

A Georgia woman recently settled a personal injury lawsuit with Delta Airlines after suffering a bite from a brown recluse spider.

The Bite

Brandi DeLaO, 38, awoke to a pinching sensation in her thigh while on a Delta flight to South Africa in January. Initially, DeLaO did not think much of the pinch. She realized something was wrong after noticing a hand-sized “crusty oozing mass of dead skin”, according to the Business Insider. The mass on her thigh led her to seek medical attention.

In regards to the incident, DeLaO states, “I would not wish that on my worst enemy for anything.” She states the incident and the injuries she sustained resulting from it were “horrible”. She states, “It was amazing that a spider could do all that.”

According to the University of Florida’s Department of Entomology, brown recluses often bite thighs, upper arm areas, or stomach after humans unknowingly roll on spiders while sleeping. DeLaO admits to snoozing when the spider bit her.

Since the incident, DeLaO has undergone three surgeries to stop the venom from spreading. She currently has another surgery scheduled.

The Lawsuit

DeLaO received an $80,000 settlement for her personal injury lawsuit. The Montreal Convention is in place to protect passengers in flight. Airlines are required to pay as much as $175,800 in damages to passengers who are injured during a flight.

The majority of DeLaO’s settlement will go towards medical expenses.

A spokesperson for Delta said following the incident, the aircraft underwent a full inspection and turned up no spider infestations.

South Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers

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