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Types and Signs of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Nursing Home Neglect Sadly, nursing home neglect is not uncommon and should be a consideration for those with loved ones. Nursing home neglect can happen in even the most reputable nursing homes and care facilities and, unfortunately, should always be at the back of your mind. Nursing Home Neglect can occur in various ways. Perhaps the most … [Read more...]

Brain Injuries: What You Need to Know

Brain Injuries: What You Need to Know The human brain is one of the most important parts of the body. The brain is the control center for the human nervous system, which allows for almost all bodily function, awareness, executive decision making, and thought. The brain is protected by the skull and several other defense mechanisms by the human … [Read more...]

4 Tips When Applying for SSD Benefits

Four Tips When Applying for Social Security/Disability Benefits Although Social Security Disability benefits are helpful to thousands of Americans whose disability prevents them from working, there are numerous pitfalls that prevent many from receiving the benefits they deserve. Because the Social Security Administration is so large, they receive … [Read more...]

Common Workplace Accident Cases

Employers are across the United States are required to carry Worker’s Compensation insurance. Workers’ Compensation insurance is designed to help employees who have been injured at work recover any lost wages and other necessary help while they are out of work. Workers’ Compensation insurance only covers the employees when the injury occurs as a … [Read more...]

Premises Liability Personal Injury Lawsuits

Premises Liability Premises liability is an important aspect of personal injury law. A premises liability case is where a personal injury occurred because of negligence, usually because of some error on the property of a party responsible for providing safe conditions on their premises. Property owners are generally required to maintain … [Read more...]

Receiving SSD Benefits While Working

Social Security Disability Benefits Social Security Disability is a government insurance program designed to benefit those who are disabled and need to provide for themselves and their families. The Social Security Administration is the federal agency in charge of Social Security programs, and offers two types of disability benefits: Social … [Read more...]

State vs. Federal Crimes

State v. Federal Crimes The difference between state and federal crimes is the jurisdiction under which the crime falls. States have the broad authority to regulate legality of different behaviors in their jurisdiction, while the federal government is given authority to legislate only where there is a federal or national interest at hand. State … [Read more...]

Federal v. State Drug Crimes

Drug Crimes Drug Crimes present an interesting enigma for our legal system. Illegal in both the State and Federal criminal justice systems, drug crimes have come to the forefront of national debate and are at the center of political disagreement. Complete with different policies for different crimes, various sentencing guidelines for different … [Read more...]

Will My Case Go To Court?

Will My Case Go To Court? During and after a car accident, it is natural to think about the financial and legal ramifications that may affect you in the future. Car accidents can be expensive, depending on the circumstances of the accident and the damage incurred. If you have questions about what to do after a car accident, please refer to these … [Read more...]

Who Qualifies for SC Workers Compensation Benefits

Who Qualifies for SC Workers’ Compensation Benefits? Every employer is required to purchase worker’s compensation insurance in case of work-related injury to any of their employees. Workers’ in South Carolina who develop medical problems directly related to their work are eligible for benefits. Obtaining Benefits If you were involved in a … [Read more...]