Our attorneys have recently been notified of an extortion scam in which someone is falsely representing himself via phone and fabricated Strom Law Firm stationary as being Joseph Strom. If you receive any communication similar to the one shown here, please call us at 803-252-4800 so that we may take appropriate action.Section 40-5-310 of the … [Read more...]

‘Thousand Year Flood’ Deadline Approaches

Deadline Approaches If you were a victim of the historic 2015 flooding of Columbia, you may need to take action soon.The Federal Government has mandated that June 15 is the deadline to apply for federal aid to help rebuild your home. The application form (The Single Family Homeownership Rehabilitation form) is available here. Historic Flood … [Read more...]

Underage Drinking and Driving

Underage Drinking and Driving Underage drinking and driving is a serious offense and can negatively affect the rest of your life. Some experts have found that underage DUI incurs a conservative cost of $40,000 over the next decade, or more, of the person’s life.The drinking age in South Carolina is 21, and South Carolina has a zero tolerance … [Read more...]

The Pretrial Intervention Process

The Pretrial Intervention Process Pretrial Intervention (PTI) is a program offered to first time offenders in the criminal justice system. The program is intended to allow those individuals to avoid more traditional prosecution, giving them a second chance and an opportunity to work towards rehabilitation. PTI is available to a number of … [Read more...]

Unexpected Costs of a DUI

Unexpected Costs of a DUI DUI conviction comes with a high price. Even beyond the social consequences, potential jail time, and fines associated with a DUI conviction, there are often unforeseen costs that can affect your life even long after your initial court date. Some of the potentially unforeseen consequences of DUI include:  … [Read more...]

Workers Compensation Insurance Investigations

Workers Compensation Insurance Investigations Workers’ Compensation is an important government-mandated program that mandates employer funded insurance in the case of employee injury. Unfortunately, some individuals decide to take advantage of the workers’ compensation system and falsify the severity of their injuries. Commonly called workers’ … [Read more...]

Drug Trafficking Penalties in South Carolina

Drug Trafficking Penalties in South Carolina In South Carolina, it is illegal to possess, sell, or use controlled substances. Controlled substances, placed on a schedule based on the severity of consequences their abuse carries.Drug Trafficking is one of several possible state drug charges. Simple Possession, Possession With Intent to … [Read more...]

Brain Injuries: What You Need to Know

Brain Injuries: What You Need to Know The human brain is one of the most important parts of the body. The brain is the control center for the human nervous system, which allows for almost all bodily function, awareness, executive decision making, and thought. The brain is protected by the skull and several other defense mechanisms by the human … [Read more...]

4 Tips When Applying for SSD Benefits

Four Tips When Applying for Social Security/Disability Benefits Although Social Security Disability benefits are helpful to thousands of Americans whose disability prevents them from working, there are numerous pitfalls that prevent many from receiving the benefits they deserve. Because the Social Security Administration is so large, they receive … [Read more...]

Common Workplace Accident Cases

Employers are across the United States are required to carry Worker’s Compensation insurance. Workers’ Compensation insurance is designed to help employees who have been injured at work recover any lost wages and other necessary help while they are out of work. Workers’ Compensation insurance only covers the employees when the injury occurs as a … [Read more...]