Campus Safety

As another summer season comes to a close, thoughts turn to cooler weather and football. For many of us, that means dropping a loved one off at college.

That means shopping for school supplies, dorm room necessities, and other materials that gives your children a sense of community away from home.

With all the anticipation and excitement, personal safety can be easily overlooked.

Students may feel safe because they are surrounded by other college scholars, however crime is just as high on campus then it is off campus.

Whether it is your child’s first time living away from home or not, they are now responsible for their own personal safety.

Would they be prepared if an emergency occurred?

In and article published in the Safetyreport.com, Attorney Mark Bello gave several campus safety tips to eliminate potential risks.

Be Alert
Bello says this is the most important safety tip: Be aware of your surroundings. Learn all the routes around campus. Walk with your head up and pay attention to vehicles that slow down suspiciously.

Lock Your House
Tell your child not to prop doors open or lend their keys to anyone. Also, when leaving to go somewhere, double check their place to make sure windows and doors are locked.

Plan Ahead
Try not to go out alone. That includes social plans and heading to the library. Buy your children some mace or pepper spray.

Cell Phone
Put emergency numbers in your cell phone. Program the word “ICE” in your phone with a parent or guardian. Put campus police in there as well.

Don’t Carry Too Much Money
Do not go to the ATM at night, and do not carry expensive jewelry on you at night either.

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