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Road Rage Car Accident Nearly Kills 3

Three Victims Nearly Die After Road Rage Incident Leads to Car Accident and Plunge Into Frozen River Three passengers of a silver SUV in Stoneham, Maine, claim that a red truck caused them to run off the road and plunge into the frozen Crooked River. The car accident was caused by road rage, the victims say, and it nearly killed them. Manny Ticas … [Read more...]

Passenger Train Accident Involving Truck Injures 28

California Train Hits Truck, Passenger Train Accident Injures 28 Passengers After a passenger train accident on Tuesday morning, involving a produce truck that became stuck in the tracks and a passenger train, 28 people have been injured, 4 of which are in critical condition. Authorities said that many of the train accident victims were being … [Read more...]

SC Workers Comp Death Benefits Possible for Family of Log Truck Operator

Log Truck Driver Dies While On the Job, Family Could Get SC Workers Comp Death Benefits The driver of a logging truck died after being pinned between his vehicle and another log truck that rolled forward. The South Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating the accident. In the meantime, his family could be eligible to receive SC workers comp death … [Read more...]

Family Sues Youth Football League for Untreated Traumatic Brain Injury That Led to Death

Family Sues Youth Football League for Untreated Traumatic Brain Injury Causing CTE, and Suicide A family has filed a lawsuit against Pop Warner, a youth football league, after learning that their son had CTE – chronic traumatic encephalopathy – a degenerative brain disease caused by untreated traumatic brain injury, and which can lead to … [Read more...]

Elderly Driver Will Not Be Cited for Hitting 9 Cars in Multi-Car Accident

92-Year-Old Causes Multi-Car Accident in Parking Lot But Won’t Be Charged Surveillance video captured a huge multi-car accident in the parking lot of a Piggly Wiggly grocery store in Mayville, Wisconsin. In less than 1 minute, the elderly driver of a gray minivan, who is backing out of a parking space, slams into a white car, which rolls into … [Read more...]

Research Misconduct Can Lead to Defective Drugs or Devices

FDA, Medical Journals Rarely Report Violations in Clinical Trials, Which Can Lead to Defective Drugs or Devices A new study found that US health regulators often find serious problems in how clinical trials are conducted as research facilities, but their final, published reports almost never mention these issues. This can lead not only to … [Read more...]

Strom Law SC Car Accident Attorney Report: Unsafe Drivers

SC Car Accident Attorney: Wrecks  Caused by Drivers Who Admit Unsafe Habits Every 13 minutes, a car accident or crash kills someone in the United States. Fatalities range across anyone who uses roads, including drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Statistically, young people are most likely to suffer from car accident injuries and deaths.  What the … [Read more...]

South Carolina TBI Attorneys: Diagnosing a Concussion or Traumatic Brain Injury

Computer Uses Eye Movements to Diagnose Concussions or Traumatic Brain Injury A new eye-tracking technology, which acts similarly to a doctor moving their finger in front of a patient’s eyes, can help diagnose concussions or traumatic brain injury after an accident or head impact. If you suffered a concussion or traumatic brain injury from an … [Read more...]

SC Workers’ Comp Coverage Awarded for Slip and Fall Claims

South Carolina Supreme Court Revises SC Workers Comp Coverage, Rules Slip and Fall A Work Related Accident In January this year, the South Carolina Supreme Court reversed a lower court’s decisions regarding two slip and fall SC workers comp claims, ruling that employees are in fact entitled to workers compensation coverage in South Carolina if … [Read more...]

Criminal Investigation Tied to Train Accident Still Pending

Train Accident Near Columbia Could Lead to Criminal Investigation On January 27th, a train carrying dangerous and toxic chemicals derailed in Allendale County, about 90 miles southwest of Columbia, the state’s capital. The train was moving between Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia. Investigators have still not said for sure if they will conduct a … [Read more...]

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