Cheerleader Sues Oakland Raiders for Wage Discrimination

Cheerleader Issues Employment Lawsuit Against Oakland Raiders for Wage Discrimination, Fair Labor Violation

A member of the Oakland Raiderettes, the cheerleading squad for the Oakland Raiders, has issued an employment lawsuit against her employer for wage discrimination and fair labor violations.

The potential class action lawsuit, brought forth by a cheerleader who wanted to be referred to as Lacy T, claims that the Oakland Raiders fails to pay its cheerleading team minimum wage, disregards their travel costs, and even fines the squad for bringing the wrong pompoms or yoga mat to practice.

“The club controls our hairstyle and makeup, and we have to foot the bill,” she said. “We also have to pay the costs for traveling to all kinds of events, including photo shoots … I love being a Raiderette,” Lacy T., a stay-at-home mom and cheerleader said in a statement Wednesday, January 22nd. “But someone has to stand up for all of the women of the NFL who work so hard for the fans and the teams.”

The attorney representing Lacy T’s wage discrimination lawsuit says that the team’s male mascots are treated as full-time employees with benefits, while the Raiderettes are paid $125 per home game, with no payment for practice time, and no travel reimbursement when the team plays games outside of California. There are around 10 home games per season, so the contract amounts to $1,250 – with rehearsals and travel, Lacy T’s attorney claims that amounts to $5 per hour, which is far less than California’s legal minimum wage of $8 per hour.

“The Raiders have blatantly disregarded the fair employment laws,” said Sharon Vinick, one of Lacy T.’s lawyers. “It’s as if the Raiders’ owners believe that the laws that protect all workers in California just don’t apply to them.”

The lawsuit also states that the Raiderettes’ contract states the team will fine the women $10 per “infraction,” such as bringing the wrong pompoms to rehearsals. The contract also stipulates that the women must work about 9 hours per day on game days, attend 2 to 3 3-hour-long rehearsals per week, and attend up to 10 unpaid appearances for charity events per year, including the swimsuit calendar photoshoot.

Lacy T’s unreimbursed expenses for the 2013-2014 season were reported to be $650.

The wage discrimination lawsuit seeks to be certified as a class action representing all present and former Raiderettes since 2010 – an estimated 100 women.

Vinick added that she believes such wage discrimination and violation of fair employment practices is common among NFL cheerleading teams.

“I hope cheerleaders across the NFL will step forward to join me in demanding respect and fair compensation,” she said in a statement.

Wage Discrimination and Minimum Wage Infractions in South Carolina

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