Chris Brown and Drake are Facing $16 million lawsuit

Hip Hop stars, Chris Brown and Drake, are now facing a lawsuit stemming from a June brawl that broke out in a New York City Club.

The $16 million, filed by Entertainment Enterprises Ltd, alleges the brawl between Brown and Drake’s group cost the Greenhouse trademark a $4 million licensing deal that they had recently brokered.

The Brawl

The lawsuit stems from a June 14 incident at the Greenhouse nightclub in Manhattan. According to the lawsuitfiled in Manhattan Supreme Court, Brown and Drake “began to fight violently with each other”.  The lawsuit also states that both Brown and Drake ordered their “security personnel, bodyguard friends and entourage to join the fight”.

Witnesses claim bottles were shattered and used as weapons. Patrons also joined in the fight throwing glasses full of booze. According to the New York Daily News, the fight stemmed from Brown sending Drake a bottle of champagne. Drake refused the offer sending the bottle back. Someone then began throwing ice cubes.

The lawsuit states, “Defendants overran the nightclub’s extensive security measures and the brawl overtook the entire space. Terrorized patrons ran for cover…most were unable to protect themselves.”

The lawsuit lists members of both Brown and Drake’s groups as defendants. The lawsuit identifies members of the groups as John Does.

The Lawsuit and Others from the Incident
The trademark owners’ state Brown and Drake “should have foreseen that their notoriety and celebrity would ensure that their acts had far reaching and devastating effects”.The lawsuit claims that publicity surrounding the fight caused a $4 million deal to fall through. The deal was to license the Greenhouse name to other clubs around the country. The actual owners of the club itself are not involved in the lawsuit and declined to comment on the lawsuit.

The club owners also are facing a $20 million lawsuit filed by NBA star, Tony Parker. Parker sustained injuries resulting from the brawl including an injury to his left eye from flying glass. Others have also filed personal injury suits.

Following the brawl, the club lost their liquor license causing them to shut down. The State Liquor Authority temporarily stripped the liquor license. The club owners made a pact with the city to re-open the venue with beefed-up security.

Police and the Manhattan District Attorney are still investigating the brawl. So far, no one is facing charges in relation to the incident.

Representatives for both Brown and Drake declined to comment on the lawsuit.

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