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Chrysler Issues Vehicle Recall Due to Software Problems

Electrical Woes Prompt Chrysler Vehicle Recall

A software glitch that randomly turns on warning lights and can cause instrument cluster blackouts has forced Chrysler to issue a vehicle recall for almost 141,000 cars.

The vehicle recall covers 140,800 vehicles, including 132,000 2014 model year Jeep Grand Cherokees, 91,559 of which are in the United States. Chrysler is also recalling 10,800 2014 model year Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500 trucks, due to similar electrical issues.

Although the problem that spurred the vehicle recall may not seem too serious, the underlying issue is in the anti-lock braking system software, and can affect the ABS and electronic stability control systems, which could lead to a crash. All of the vehicles subject to the recall are 2014 model years.

Chrysler says that there have been no reports of injuries or crashes due to the problem.

According to Chrysler, aside from the 91,559 Cherokees in the US, there are 6,050 in Canada; 2,662 in Mexico; and 32,212 outside North America. A majority of the Rams 1500, 2500 and 3500 pickups haven’t yet left dealerships.

Chrysler says they will begin mailing instructions to consumers next month, and vehicle owners can take their cars and trucks into local dealerships for a software upgrade. Concerned customers can contact the automaker at 1-800-853-1403.

This is the third large vehicle recall Chrysler has issued this year. The previous two involved a problem with the rear axle that could cause the vehicles to lock up unexpectedly, and another software glitch that could trigger the car to shift gears into neutral.

Defective Product Law and Vehicle Recalls

Every year, thousands of consumers sustain serious injuries from defective products. A defective product lawyer can help you with an injury you may receive. Many of these injuries could be avoided if the manufacturers or distributors of these products took additional steps to ensure consumer safety. Defective products that commonly cause injuries include medical devices, pharmaceutical products, and other defective products such as toys, cars and automotive parts.

There are a number of reasons that defective products make it to our shelves:

  • Defective manufacturing
  • Inadequate testing
  • Design defects
  • Marketing Misrepresentation

To protect yourself and your family, it’s important to know what products have been recalled because they are defective or unsafe. Federal agencies such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) frequently issue recalls for medical devices, drugs, and products that may be harmful to consumers.

The Strom Law Firm Can Help With Personal Injury Under Vehicle Recall

If you have experienced a problem with a defective product in your automobile, especially if a defective part has led to an auto accident or personal injury, and a proper vehicle recall notice has not been issued, you may be entitled to compensation. The attorneys at the Strom Law Firm can help. We can help you with complicated auto insurance claims, and make sure you receive the compensation you deserve to help you with lost income and medical bills. Our attorneys are licensed to practice in South Carolina, Georgia, and New York. We offer free, confidential consultations to discuss the facts of your case. Contact us today for help. 803.252.4800.



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