Colleen Qunell

Senior Paralegal

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Colleen Qunell has lived in South Carolina most of her life. Colleen graduated Summa Cum Laude from Columbia Junior College in 1999 with an Associate of Science Degree in Paralegal Studies.

Colleen has been a paralegal for over 22 years, concentrating her career in civil litigation. She has worked on hundreds of personal injury, mass tort, worker’s compensation, and other types of negligence cases and trials. She joined Strom Law Firm in January of 2022 as a Senior Paralegal.

In her free time Colleen can usually be found reading, knitting, sewing, or painting. She loves playing with (and annoying), her hedgehog, Tillie. Despite living in South Carolina since she was 10, Colleen remains a diehard fan of the Chicago Cubs. She considers being known as the “crazy aunt” by her nieces and nephews her greatest achievement in life.