Columbia, SC Ranks #2 “Manliest City”

How manly is Columbia, SC?

Columbia, SC is a very "manly" cityApparently Columbia, SC is very manly, according to a recent survey done by COMBOS (yes, the snack food company). COMBOS partnered with Bert Sperling, the expert researcher behind the “Best Places to Live” surveys and lists to produce “America’s Manliest City”.

Columbia, SC ranked number two, behind Oklahoma City, on the list of the top 50 “Manliest Cities”. The study was based on information from 50 of the largest metropolitan areas, gathered in the last census. Data consisted of the number  of home improvement stores in the city, as well as the number of steak houses, and motorcycles per capita.

The capitol city of South Carolina is considered more manly than Houston, TX or Las Vegas, NV.

The top 10 of “America’ Manliest Cities” included:

1.)  Oklahoma City, OK

2.)  Columbia, SC

3.)  Memphis, TN

4.)  Nashville, TN

5.)  Birmingham, AL

6.)  Houston, TX

7.)  St. Louis, MO

8.)  Toledo, OH

9.)  Cleveland, OH

10.) Charlotte, NC

Criteria for “manliest city” included information on sports, including professional sports, NASCAR, and monster truck rallies; Manly Lifestyle, which included types of TV shows watched, and recreational sports like bowling, fishing, and hunting; how many households subscribed to “manly” publications like Car & Driver, Maxim, Men’s Health, and Popular Mechanics; and, of course, how popular COMBOS products are in each town.

A full list and breakdown can be found here.


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