Columbia Movie Theatre Has Applied for Alcohol Beverage License

Forest Acres Movie Theatre Plans to Sell Alcohol, Applied for Alcohol Beverage License

applied for alcohol beverage licenseThe Forest Acres Wynnsong 10 Movie Theatre has applied for an alcohol beverage license, making it the first movie theatre in the Columbia, SC area to move in that direction.

The Georgia-based movie theatre chain, Carmike Inc, which runs all of the Wynnsong Cinemas, has applied for alcohol beverage licenses at many of its branches, including Alabama – and has stirred up controversy regarding alcohol consumption across the South.

Many South Carolinians interviewed said they had mixed feelings about the move for Wynnsong 10 to sell beer and wine.

“I think if you are going to have kids and things like that in there you probably shouldn’t have alcoholic beverages because there is really no way to monitor consumption,” says one of the interviewees. “At the end of the day there are students that work at the movie theater.”

In a different tone, another interviewee said: “If you’re 21 and up I think it’s a great idea that can generate commerce for the theater.”

“The issue for me … I’m a family man and a grandfather and I love taking my kids to the movies,” said a concerned Alabama resident last year. “It’s the one alcohol and tobacco-free place to go.”

“I have had friends tell me that one of their pastimes is to go to the movie theater,” said Jean Downing at the Drug Education Council in Mobile, AL. “It’s a very special place and a safe place where there is not alcohol there and it’s not part of the experience.”

The alcohol beverage license application in Alabama turned into a battle over the course of a month last year: Montgomery’s city council approved the application, while Gulf Shores defeated it. The statewide Alabama Alcohol Beverage Control Board said yes, and overturned the Gulf Shores veto of the alcohol beverage license application for their Pinnacle 14 cinema.

“I’ve not heard a new argument in Mobile yet (against the license for a movie complex),” said an Alabama alcohol beverage licensing attorney. “My point is that there is a portion of the population in every city whether I’m licensing a Carmike or a drug store or a hotel that just doesn’t believe in the consumption of alcoholic beverages in any public place.”

In Columbia, SC, Wynnsong stated in their applied for alcohol beverage license that they only want to sell beer and wine, not hard alcohol, which makes the alcohol beverage license slightly less complicated and controversial. However, there is some concern since the movie theatre is close to the Shandon Baptist Church, and zoning laws regarding alcohol sales in South Carolina are very strict.

The Strom Law Firm Can Help You Obtain and Defend an Alcohol Beverage License

Whether you plan to throw a one-time fundraiser with alcohol sales, or open a bar and restaurant, you must apply for an alcohol beverage license in South Carolina. Selling just beer and wine can sometimes be simpler, but there is still an application process for that which you must go through to sell any kind of alcohol or spirits.

If you plan to sell beer, wine, or spirits at your establishment, contact the South Carolina alcohol beverage licensing attorneys at the Strom Law Firm for help. We understand how alcohol laws in South Carolina have evolved in recent years, and can help you determine if your business qualifies for an alcohol beverage license. Contact us today for a free consultation. 803.252.4800


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