Couple Sues Airline After Discovering Cockroaches Hanging Above Their Heads

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A North Carolina couple filed a lawsuit against Air Tran Airways, alleging they were sickened by cockroaches coming out of air vents and storage areas on a recent flight from Charlotte toHouston.

Passengers Harry Marsh and his fiancée, Kaitlin Rush, are suing for negligence and recklessness after their flight on September 15 was ruined by the insects.

Their lawsuit states that after pointing the cockroaches out to the airline crew, one flight attendant responded by raising a finger to her lips as if to silence the couple.  The lawsuit also alleges the airline was intentional in its infliction of emotional distress, nuisance, fraud, false imprisonment and unfair and deceptive trade practices.

According to the NBC affiliate in Charlotte WCNC-TV, Mr Marsh – who is an attorney – noticed the cockroaches soon after takeoff, but said the attendants were too busy to investigate the problem.

The couple said the insects were coming out of air vents and carry-on compartments, even hung around long enough so that pictures could be taken to include in the lawsuit, but still the staff did nothing. TheCharlottecouple also said other passengers noticed the stowaways and commented on them.

The couple said they had to throw away some of their belongings after the trip and wash clothes and other items because they believed the items could have been infected by the insects.
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