Couple Tried to Sell Baby at Walmart, Charged with Child Endangerment

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Couple charged with child endangermentA woman, charged with child endangerment and convicted of trying to sell her baby in a Walmart parking lot, has requested to be jailed instead of serve out the rest of her probation.

Samanthba Tomansini appeared in front of a judge and requested to be locked up in fear that she would probably violate her probation again. Tomansini and boyfriend Patrick Fousek are regular methamphetamine users. Both were arrested after witnesses said they were trying to sell their baby daughter for $25. According to authorities, Tomansini and Fousek approached two women and offered to sell them their eight month baby girl for $25. The woman initially thought it was joke, but grew worried when the couple kept persisting. When police arrive on scene to arrest Tomansini and Fousek, both appeared high.

The couple was charged with child endangerment. Fousek was found guilty of the charge and sentenced to six years in prison. Tomasini pleaded no contest to the child endangerment charges and was originally sentenced to four years probation and mandatory drug rehabilitation. Tomasini violated her probation last year.

The baby has since been adopted after being taken Child Protective Services. Tomasini admitted she breast-fed the child while under the influence of drugs.

South Carolina Criminal Defense Attorneys

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