Displeased Defendant Punches Criminal Defense Attorney in the Mouth

Criminal Defense: Punches Fly in the Courtroom

Lamarcus Williamson was not happy about being sentenced to 15 years in prison for robbery.

In York County, SC, the 30-year-old felon was sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to robbery, drug, and assault charges on Tuesday, Oct. 2nd. The defendant was so upset, he punched his defense attorney in the mouth after the sentence was read.

The attack happened at 5 PM at the Moss Justice Center.

Client Punches Criminal Defense Attorney

Daniel Hall, the court-appointed criminal defense attorney, was shocked but ok. In the surveillance video, which has gone viral on the internet and is posted below, Williamson violently punches Hall, but the attorney stands up, slightly woozy but in one piece.

“An inch higher I would have had a broken nose, an inch lower my front teeth would have been knocked out,” Hall said, according to the Charlotte Observer. “Clearly this is the kind of thing that cannot be tolerated in a courtroom.”

Williamson said of his actions in court: “I was upset because the solicitor was trying to incriminate me like I’m some bad guy. The solicitor was trying to say I destroyed this woman.”

Hall said he did not see the punch coming, as he had only met his client once before. “I’ve been doing this for 25 years and I never seen anyone physically attacked in a courtroom.”

The judge added an additional 6 months to Williamson’s sentence for contempt of court, according to the Rock Herald Report.

Watch the video here.

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