Doctors Find Harmful Chemical in OxyElite Pro Hepatitis Cases

Doctors Link Synthetic Chemical, Genetics to Hepatitis Caused by OxyElite Pro

Doctors at the Queens Medical Center’s Liver Center in Honolulu believe that they have isolated a synthetic substance in OxyElite Pro that could be causing hepatitis in several patients.

So far, 56 people across the US, including 44 patients in Hawaii, have developed hepatitis after taking OxyElite Pro supplements to help with weight loss and workout energy. One patient died from liver failure caused by hepatitis, and another has already received a liver transplant. Several patients have filed personal injury lawsuits due to loss of income and necessary ongoing medical treatment.

Researchers in Hawaii believe they have isolated the chemical that could cause some consumers to develop hepatitis – a chemical called aegeline, a synthetic version of a chemical naturally found in bael trees. According to a Department of Defense website, animal studies with aegeline show that it can lower blood sugar, but the chemical has never been studied or approved for human consumption.

The research team suggested that, because the majority of the cases occurred in Hawaii, those of Pacific Islander ancestry may be particularly susceptible for the effects of the synthetic compound. They also found that patients who are obese could suffer stronger effects from the drug, and Pacific Islanders are often obese, or have a higher body mass index (BMI) than those with different ancestries.

Aegeline can appear on supplement product labels as N-[2-hydroxy-2(4-methoxyphenyl) ethyl]-3-phenyl-2-propenamide.

Although the supplement was recalled in October of last year, some consumers are still developing hepatitis after taking OxyElite Pro.

“We’re still seeing people who are sick… with yellow jaundice. So it’s still happening,” said Dr. Naoky Tsai, director of Queen’s Medical Center’s Liver Center.

“In a way it makes me sad that despite the effort we put in, the Department of Health put in, the CDC, the FDA. Patients are still taking it and they’re still able to get it, and they get hurt,” said Dr. Marina Roytman, an Internist at the Liver Center.

USPLabs, manufacturers of Oxyelite Pro and other dietary supplements, stopped shipments of the drug after hepatitis infections in Hawaii were linked to consumption of the workout supplement. However, after the FDA sent a letter to the company threatening legal action, the manufacturer finally issued a drug recall.

Although the FDA issued a warning letter to USPLabs, the federal agency actually has little ability to oversee and regulate supplements, which often include dangerous drugs, or do not include all of their ingredients on the label. The supplement industry bills itself as natural or herbal in many cases, and makes claims to help with everything from rapid weight loss to stronger libido. Unfortunately, many consumers have suffered side effects from these dangerous and unregulated drugs.

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