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Escalators Eating Shoes? Causing Personal Injury?

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Flip Flops + Escalators = Personal InjuryWho knew flip-flops could cause a hazard?

Officials are now warning of the dangers of wearing flip-flops and riding escalators. Recently a 14-year-old tourist from Canada got his hand trapped in an escalator at the Smithsonian Metro station in Washington D.C. The boy was trying to retrieve his flip-flop that was sucked into the “comb” at the bottom of the escalator. It took rescue crews a total of 40 minutes to help free the boy’s four fingers that had been stuck in the escalator. The boy and his family remained calm during the whole ordeal.

Flip-flops getting sucked into escalators are not a new problem. Officials for the Washington Metro warn on their website that soft rubber footwear can get stuck in escalators.

The website says, “Flip-flops, Crocs and other soft, rubbery footwear can actually sink into the escalator as you’re riding it. This creates a greater potential for your footwear to go under the comb plate.” The comb plate is described as the yellow teeth at the top and bottom of the escalator. The website states that those wearing flip-flops and other rubbery shoes should take extra precautions including stepping over the comb plate when entering or exiting the escalator.

According to the Washington Post, last year there was an increase in the number of passengers getting shoes caught in one of the 588 escalators belonging to the transit systems.

As the summer gets hotter, more and more people will be donning flip-flops. The next time you step on the escalator while wearing the shoes, take extra precautions.

South Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer

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