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Food Recall for Dried Egg Products Expanded

Food Recall Expanded for Dried Eggs Due to Potential Salmonella Contamination

shutterstock_571816408food recall for several dried egg products due to a potential salmonella contamination in February of this year. Now, the company has expanded the food recall because the problem has not yet been solved.

Nutriom’s food recall covers an additional 82,884 lbs of dried egg products, on top of the original 226,710 lbs. The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) released a 56-page distribution list of retail stores that carry the recalled egg products. The retail stores are located in 46 states.

The recent food recall was issued after the FSIS issued a public safety alert on March 26th after the company declined to expand their original food recall. The next week, however, Nutriom voluntarily expanded the food recall to six production lots after the FSIS’s request.

Monday’s FSIS announcement stated that, “As part of the investigation in the detention and seizure of product identified in the March 26 public health alert, FSIS identified and verified USDA Agricultural Marketing Service Salmonella sample results that validated the public health safety of four of the lots included in the public health alert. As such, FSIS has determined these products do not need to be removed from commerce. With public health as the focus, Nutriom LLC has agreed to voluntarily recall the remaining product identified in the March 26, 2014 public health alert.”

There are no reports of salmonella illness, injury, or death related to the food recall.

The following products were shipped to co-packers for incorporation into consumer-size packages:

  • 3,884-lb. super sack of “OvaEasy Plain Whole Egg” with the lot code “H0613-B”
  • 1,989-lb. super sack of “OvaEasy Plain Whole Egg” with the lot code “I0413-A”
  • 958-lb. super sack of “OvaEasy Plain Whole Egg” with the lot code “I0413-A”
  • 4,422-lb. super sack of “OvaEasy Plain Whole Egg” with the lot code “L1713-A”
  • The following products were packaged in consumer-sized packages:
  • 1.75-lb. packs of “OvaEasy Plain Whole Egg” with lot code 2814-A and the Julian dates “0374,” “0384,” “2683” and “2693”
  • 66-gram spray bottles of “Bak-Klene Egg Wash” with the lot code “L1013A”
  • 1.17-lb. packs of “OvaEasy UGRA, Reduced Cholesterol” with the Julian dates “3228,” “3229,” “3230,” “3231,” “3281,” “3282,” “3283,” “3284,” “3337,” “3338,” “3339” and “3340”
  • 4.5-oz. cans of “OvaEasy Whole Plain Egg” with the Julian date “2883”
  • 571-gram packs of “Vitovo Low Fat” with the Julian date “3193”
  • 1.1-lb. bags of “OvaEasy Boil-in-Bag UGR, Heat & Serve (HS)” with the Julian dates “3188”
  • 2-oz. packs of “OvaEasy Plain Whole Egg” with the Julian dates “0074,” “0084,” “0094,” “0354,” “0364,” “0374,” “2243,” “2253,” “3463,” “3473” and “3483”
  • 66-gram spray bottles of “Panera Egg Wash” with the Julian dates “0144,” “0154,” “0164,” “0174,” “0214,” “0224,” “0234,” “0244,” “0284,” “0294,” “0304” and “0314”
  • 2-oz. pack of “Wise Company, Wise Blend” with the Julian date “0943”

Salmonella is one of the most common food-borne illnesses, and in healthy adults can last between 4 and 7 days. Most cases clear up on their own without treatment, but salmonella infections can be serious or fatal in young children, elderly adults, or people with compromised immune systems.

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