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Four Men Rob South Carolina Bank – Three Receive Criminal Charges, One Dead

Criminal Charges, Including Kidnapping and Armed Robbery, for Four South Carolina Men

On Friday morning, four armed men ran into a Wells Fargo bank in Columbia, SC. One of the men had a lengthy criminal history, but the other four had just a few misdemeanors on their records. One of the men was killed on the scene, and the other three were eventually arrested and charged for their crimes.

23-year-old Ramel P. Wright was killed by law enforcement officers at the scene. The other three men – 26-year-old Ozzie Carreker, 22-year-old Rashad Hall, and 21-year-old Naim Stroman – were charged with armed rob bery, three counts of attempted murder, and fifteen counts of kidnapping. When they appeared in court on Saturday, they were denied bond.

Carreker, the oldest of the group, has several criminal charges on his record. He has been charged with assault and battery with the intent to kill, drug and alcohol criminal charges, and several gun-related misdemeanors. Mr. Stroman and Mr. Wright had a smattering of misdemeanors between them. Mr. Hall had previously been arrested for armed robbery, kidnapping and assaulting a police officer in 2011; he was out on probation and, just prior to the Wells Fargo robbery, cut off his leg monitor.

Friday’s Events Lead to Criminal Charges for Four South Carolina Men

At 10 AM, the group stormed into the Wells Fargo near Parklane Road, fired shots, and demanded money. The men wore masks and hoodies so they could not be identified, and threatened to shoot anyone who looked at them directly. They jumped on the counters to control the crowd, and fired shots through the glass windows, the ceiling, and the floor. They forced bank customers to lay on the floor while they ordered the bank’s manager, with an assistant, into the vault to get money.

One of the victims recalled, “They were telling everyone to keep their heads down. They said if we didn’t, we were going to die.”

Another victim stated, “The one guy said to the others, ‘If you don’t get the money, I’m going to kill everybody in here’.”

Columbia police responded within minutes after the robbers triggered the alarm. The four men, armed with semi-automatic and machine guns, jumped into a Ford Explorer and continued to fire shots at the officers as they sped away. They ditched the vehicle about a mile away from the bank, and shed their masks and clothes as they fled on foot. Columbia and Richland County officers, along with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED), set up a perimeter to search for the suspects. With the help of a K9 officer, two of the suspects were cornered behind a home – one of them surrendered, but the other put up a fight and was shot.

The other two suspects were found later – one walking down I-20, the other near an apartment complex on Brighton Hill Road.

SLED will investigate Mr. Wright’s shooting, which is standard protocol when criminal suspects are shot.

None of the customers or employees of Wells Fargo were injured or killed during the robbery.

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