Justin Bieber Takes Plea Deal in Florida DUI Case

Pop Singer Agrees to Plea Deal In DUI Case in Florida

Teen pop star Justin Bieber has pleaded guilty in exchange for a downgrade in the charges in his DUI case in Florida.

In January 2014, Bieber was arrested after police pulled him and a friend over for drag racing down a Miami street. The singer was, according to officers, visibly impaired, although a Breathalyzer did not show any alcohol in his blood stream. A blood test later revealed that the pop star had both marijuana and the anti-anxiety drug Xanax in his system, which led to the DUI charges. He was also charged with underage DUI, and driving with a suspended license.

“What the f— did I do. Why did you stop me?” Bieber asked arresting officers at the time, after police asked him to remove his hands from his pockets, fearing the singer might have a weapon. While taking his hands off the police vehicle again, against orders, he added, “I ain’t got no f—ing weapons. Why do you have to search me?”

However, the plea deal will drop the DUI charges and downgrade the other charges to reckless driving and resisting an officer without violence. In exchange, Bieber has agreed to attend a 12-hour anger management class, watch videos online about tragic DUI cases, and pay $50,000 to charity.

Prosecutors concluded that evidence against Bieber in the DUI case was not overwhelming – surveillance videos did not show him clearly intoxicated, and his blood alcohol level was below the legal limit.

Bieber has also gone to court and settled cases involving property damage to a neighbor’s house in LA after the pop star egged it, and a personal injury settlement after he reportedly attacked a limo driver in Toronto. The singer will also head to court for a personal injury case involving a pedestrian he allegedly hit with his Ferrari.

Consequences of Underage DUI in South Carolina

South Carolina’s strict zero tolerance policy and the future implications of an underage drinking conviction make it critical that you contact a South Carolina underage drinking lawyer to protect your rights.

  • If you are under 21 and and your blood alcohol (BAC) is at least .02 and less than .08:
  • License (or permit) suspended or withheld for three months for a first offense; six months for a second offense within five years.
  • License suspended for six months if chemical test is refused during a first offense; a one-year suspension if it’s the second offense within five years.

However, it is important for you to know that you are entitled to an Administrative Hearing to seek reinstatement of your driving privileges while your case is pending.

A driver who is over the age of 18 but under 21 charged with DUI may additionally be charged with child endangerment and subject to additional criminal penalties if they are carrying a passenger younger than 16.

The Strom Law Firm Can Help with Underage DUI Charges

The DUI defense attorneys at the Strom Law Firm are based in Columbia, SC and collectively have more than 50 years of complex litigation experience. If you or a loved one are under age and have been charged with a DUI, you will need help defending your rights. Contact the Strom Law Firm today for a free, confidential consultation to discuss the facts of your case. 803.252.4800


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