Ken Stabler Joins the NFL Concussion Lawsuit

Ken Stabler joins NFL concussion lawsuitsKen Stabler, former quarterback for the Raiders, has joined the NFL concussion lawsuits against the league for not properly informing about and caring for concussions during his career.  There are now over 3,200 players in some 125 lawsuits.

The NFL is currently trying to get all of the suits dismissed, so the number of players won’t matter unless a federal judge agrees that the case has merit.  The NFL is arguing that the lawsuit is preempted by the collective bargaining agreement the league has with their players.

In the meantime, the NFL is taking steps to limit the dangers of concussions and publicly demonstrate a commitment to safety.  The league has launched a wellness program for current and retired players which includes a mental health phone line.  In light of the suicides of players like OJ Murdock and Junior Seau, it is hoped that the phone line may act to intervene when former players, many of whom have suffered serious concussions, are suffering from depression.

Post concussive syndrome has been linked not only to memory problems, headaches, and other physical maladies but also to personality changes, difficulties with anger, and severe depression.  A number of players have committed suicide and claimed to be suffering from mental health issues because of the untreated concussions they suffered on the football field.  Many of the players who have committed suicide have donated their brain tissue to scientists at Boston University, where it has been discovered that many were suffering from CTE, a degenerative brain disease associated with repeated concussions.

Players in other sports have also been suffering from mental health issues and suicides in the last decade, medical research is ongoing.

NFL Concussion Lawyers

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