Lady Gaga’s Album Deal Overwhelms Amazon Server

Online Retailer Amazon offered Lady Gaga’s new album ‘Born This Way’ at an incredible deal almost giving it away. The album was listed at $.99, but because it was in such high demand, many fans were unable to download the album.

By early afternoon, the company’s servers stalled, and many fans were unable to listen or download the album.

Amazon spokeswoman Sally Fouts said Amazon experienced such a high volume of traffic, therefore causing delays for those downloading the album.

The markdown was viewed as a way for Amazon to compete in the music industry and promote its new Cloud Drive service, which allows users to stream music files over the internet to their computer or smart phone.

The same album sells for $11.99 on iTunes, and $15.99 for the special edition.

Customer reviews gave the album an average three out of five stars.

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