Lexington County Continues Busting Meth Labs and Drug Crimes in January

Lexington County continues its crack-down on drug crimes, especially meth labs, in the new year

Lexington County continues its crack-down on drug crimes, especially meth labs, in the new year

Lexington County Law Enforcement Serious About Drug Crimes and Busts in the New Year

The law enforcement officers in Lexington County, South Carolina began a serious campaign last fall to round up criminals for manufacturing and/or distributing methamphetamines. It is a new year, but officers are still serious about drug crimes, especially with meth labs.

In January, police discovered several meth labs throughout Lexington County, and arrested the owners for drug crimes.

The Latest Meth Drug Crimes News from Lexington County

Meth labs are the focus of Lexington County officers' arrests for drug crimes

Meth labs are the focus of Lexington County officers’ arrests for drug crimes

On Tuesday, January 22nd, deputies responded to a call at 3:40 AM about a suspicious car parked in the driveway of a home on Sugar Loaf Road, near Gaston, SC. The 2011 Nissan Versa did not belong to the home’s owners, and when officers arrived to inspect the vehicle, they could smell meth’s particular odor coming from the car. Upon further investigation, the police discovered a couple inside the car – James and Emmalee Doar – and found drug paraphernalia scattered around them, which officers believe to be associated with a mobile meth lab.

The Doars were detained until officers from the Lexington County Multi-Narcotics Enforcement Team could arrive. The couple is currently being held at Lexington County Detention Center on drug crimes charges, awaiting a bond hearing.

Also on Tuesday, January 22nd, Lexington County Law Enforcement arrested two men in West Columbia for operating a meth lab out of an unoccupied house. Officers received a tip and went to the home at 5:30 PM. Deputies smelled the particular strong, chemical odor associated with meth labs. Roger Allan Lee, 34 from Gaston, and Charles Richard Richter, 32 of Wadmalaw, came out of the house after the police arrived. Deputies then executed a search warrant on the house, after contacting Lexington County Multi-Narcotics Enforcement Team for assistance. They found a one liter plastic soda bottle on the front porch, which was actively being used as a reaction vessel.

The two were charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, a very serious drug crime in South Carolina. They await bond hearings at the Lexington County Detention Center.

On Thursday, January 24th, officers with Lexington County Multi-Narcotics Enforcement Team, and the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department, arrested three people after they discovered a meth lab in a shed. Michael Paul Dixon, 24, and Christopher Edward Dubose, 30, were charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, while 35-year-old Wendy Lee Gantt was charged with possession. Officers received a tip that a meth lab was being operated out of their residence on Southbound Road, and investigated at about 4:30 AM. Again, the officers could smell the strong chemical odor of methamphetamines being manufactured in the house. Deputies found Dixon and Dubose in the shed – Dixon was holding a clear glass jar that contained a white substance at the bottom. There was also a clear plastic bottle in the shed being used as a reaction vessel. The two men were placed under investigative detention for drug crimes.

Officers then searched the house and found Dixon’s girlfriend, Gantt, asleep. They found methamphetamine in the residence, and charged Gantt with possession.

The three are being held in Lexington County Detention Center, and await bond hearings.

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