Lies, Lies, Lies says Judge in Criminal Defense Case

South Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyer

Rapper Flo-Rida has found himself in trouble with the law, again!

In June of 2011, Flo-Rida was arrested for driving under the influence in Miami. He was released on $2,000 bond and his license was suspended. A year later, Flo-Rider, whose real name is Tramar Dillard, is in trouble again. This time he is facing charges of lying in court.

Flo-Rida is currently involved in a lawsuit with a former employee. The employee alleges she was receiving “slave wages” of $3.08 an hour by the rapper. The rapper fired the worker, Mahogany Miller, after she complained of the low wages.

Flo-Rida did not respond to the lawsuit in time. When asked by the judge why, he responded by saying he was never served the papers. He went on to say the papers went to a woman by the name of Stephany Nelson, whom he did not know. He also went on to state the address they had listed for him was incorrect.

Flo-Rida later admitted that he in fact did know the woman and that she was an employee of his. The judge responded back to the rapper by saying Flo-Rida wasted the court and attorney’s time. The judge told Flo-Rida the legal process was to be taken seriously and he must be truthful in court. The judge ordered Flo-Rida to pay $7,000 in attorney fees.

The case involving the rapper and Ms. Miller is ongoing.

South Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyer

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