Man Busted Manufacturing Marijuana Will Face Kershaw County Criminal Charges

Kershaw County man faces criminal charges

Kershaw County man faces criminal charges

Kershaw County Criminal Charges for Drugs and Drug Possession

A man in Lugoff, SC was arrested after Kershaw County Deputies discovered 27 marijuana plants in his home. He now faces Kershaw County criminal charges.

According to reports, the plants were fully-developed and high quality. They were more than 6 feet tall and could fetch up to $27,000. According to Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews, the plants “were the kind seen in pictures in High Times magazine.” John Link, 65, had converted his home into a greenhouse to grow the plants. He had all the equipment necessary for a large operation. Deputies also seized a half-pound of harvested marijuana.

An Anonymous Tip led to the Kershaw County Criminal Charges

Kershaw County narcotics officers had been surveilling Link’s home after receiving an anonymous tip that the man might be growing marijuana in his house.

The plants and growing equipment, along with the harvested drugs, were seized by police. The drug officers have not yet determined if Link was distributing the drugs, but Matthews says the amount seized was more than just for personal use. He is facing drug charges for manufacturing marijuana.

Defense For Kershaw County Criminal Charges

Kershaw County Criminal Charges for drug manufacturing and possession are serious

Kershaw County Criminal Charges for drug manufacturing and possession are serious

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