Miami Hurricanes QB Arrested on DUI Charges

QB Arrested on DUI Charges from the Miami Hurricanes, Fake ID

QB arrested on DUI chargesMiami Hurricanes, Kevin Olsen, backup QB arrested on DUI charges Monday, September 15th, for using a fake ID.

According to records from the Miami-Dade County Jail, the 19-year-old rising football star was arrested on DUI charges just after 4 AM on Monday. He was held on $6,000 bail. He has reportedly been suspended from any team activities pending the DUI case.

Police reports show that Olsen was driving a Dodge Challenger when he was pulled over just before midnight. When the officer approached his car, Olsen reportedly got out of the driver’s side and approached, asking what the problem was. The officer reported that Olsen had alcohol on his breath, slurred speech, and bloodshot eyes – classic signs of intoxication.

The officer also found five stolen identifications in Olsen’s wallet: two from Maryland, one from North Carolina, one from New Jersey, and one from Florida. All of the fake ID’s had Olsen’s name on them, except for the Florida one. Olsen allegedly told the officer, “The New Jersey and North Carolina ones are good, but the Maryland one is fake.”

Olsen also failed a field sobriety test and blew a 0.04 on a Breathalyzer, which led to the QB arrested on DUI charges. He refused to take a urine test at the police station, and was described as “belligerent.”

“Disappointment from my standpoint,” Hurricanes coach Al Golden said. “What’s paramount right now is his well-being and helping him through this.”

Olsen had been contender for starting quarterback after expected starter Ryan Williams injured his knee.

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If you are pulled over for a suspected DUI, you may be subjected to a field sobriety test or a Breathalyzer test. These tests must be videotaped by the police officer, and the officer must inform you of your right to refuse a Breathalyzer. However, the efficacy of both of these tests is constantly in question, and you should contact a DUI defense attorney to help you sift through the evidence. The sooner you contact a DUI lawyer for help, the better, as more evidence can be preserved – which is the beauty of mobile apps like Strom Law’s DUI Lawyer app!

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