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Mother and Daughter Arrested For DUI One Hour Apart

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Although it occurred over the summer, this is one news story worth sharing.  It really does validate the statement “Like mother like daughter.”

In Idaho, in the span of an hour, a woman and her daughter were both arrested for drunken driving.

After 28-year-old Alisha Gardner was arrested around 11 p.m. Saturday July 18th in Idaho Falls.  Ms. Gardner’s mother, who ironically came to the jail to pick up her daughter’s dog, soon found herself behind bars as well.

Authorities say a  sheriff’s officer pulled the younger Gardner after he spotted her swerving and crossing the center line.

Sgt. Jeff Edwards said her BAC was twice the legal limit.  He took Ms. Gardner to jail, but she needed someone to care for her dog that was with her in the car.

Her mom, 51-year-old Diana Gardner, soon arrived to take the canine home.   However when she arrived at the station, an officer smelled alcohol on her.

A test revealed the elder Gardner’s blood-alcohol level was also twice the legal limit, so just like her daughter, she too was arrested.

It’s unclear whether anyone else came to pick up the poor dog, whose allegedly intoxicated owners were both incarcerated.

By: South Carolina DUI Lawyer Pete Strom



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