New Study Links Prescription NSAID use to Lower Risk of Cancer

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A new study is linking prescription pain medication to a lower risk of developing certain types of skin cancer.

This new health study found people who used common nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) had a significantly lower risk of developing melanoma and squamous-cell skin cancer. The study showed the benefit increased with duration and dosage.

The health study revealed that NSAID use had no overall effect on basal-cell skin cancer, but did demonstrate a reduced risk of developing basal-cell skin cancer at sites other than the head and neck.

The study, conducted in Denmark, only captured an estimated 60% of squamous-cell skin cancer cases and basal-skin cancer cases combined. The  health study also only used data pertaining to prescription NSAID pain medication and did not investigate over-the-counter NSAIDs.

NSAID pain medication is used to primarily treat inflammatory conditions like arthritis and tendinitis.

These medications include:

  • Naproxen sodium/Anaprox
  • Celecoxib/Celebrex
  • Sulindac/Clinoril
  • Oxaprozin/Daypro
  • Ketorolac tromethamine/Toradol
  • Naproxen/Naprosyn

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