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“Out Of Their Hands” Targets Underage Drinking

Spring is in the air.  From Lexington High to Dreher, for many high school students that means it’s time to shop for a dress, rent a tuxedo, or purchase a cap and gown.

Prom, high school graduation, and first week at the beach often go hand in hand with underage drinking.

Underage drinking is a serious problem in South Carolina and can lead to serious consequences.

South Carolina has a zero tolerance policy for underage drinking. If you are arrested for an alcohol related offense in South Carolina you risk losing your drivers license, your college scholarship, and even your freedom.

To help address the problems associated with underage drinking, the State of South Carolina has teamed up with local Alcohol Enforcement Teams, Drug Free Community Coalitions and your County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Authority in an initiative named “Out of Their Hands.”

This initiative aims to provide information to both teens and parents in an attempt to keep alcohol Out of Their Hands.

Here are a few fast facts according to the Drug Free Action Alliance:

  • 29% of parents and teens know of parents who host teen alcohol parties;
  • 25% of teens attended a party where alcohol was served to underage youth in the past two months, while parents thought the number was closer to 15% ;
  • 12% of the youth maintained that they drank alcohol at the party;
  • 68% of parents and 61% of teens believe that it is generally easy for underage youth to obtain alcohol;
  • Alcohol dependence rates are highest among 18-20 year olds;
  • Starting alcohol use at a young age is extremely dangerous;
  •  10% of 12-year-olds have used alcohol; and
  •  By age 13 that number doubles.

So, as prom and graduation season sneak up on us, keep in mind the decisions you make now can affect the rest of your life.

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