Police Officer Stabbed in Skull Lucky to be Alive

An NYPD police officer is being described as the “luckiest unlucky man ever” after surviving a brutal stab wound to the skull.

Officer Eder Loor, 28, found himself involved in an altercation with a bipolar arrestee while on duty. During the altercation, Terrence Hale, 26, plunged the three-and-a-half inch blade deep into Loor’s left temple. Loor, unaware that he had been critically injured, pulled the blade out of his head.

Loor was then rushed to Mount Sinai Medical Center where doctor’s described the blade as entering, “a millimeter from everything”. Surgeons worked tirelessly to stabilize Loor and repair the damage.

According to doctors, the blade passed half an inch below an area of the brain that controls motor functions. The blade was another half-inch from entering a collection of nerves which control vision.  The blade did, however, cut the nerves that give sensation to the face and damaged a major artery.

The full extent of Loor’s injuries is not currently known, however, he is said to be awake and talking.

Loor’s wife, Dina Loor, who is expecting the couple’s first son, said during a press conference that her husband’s first words to her in the hospital were, “Babe, I’m fine. It just hurts.”

Loor responded to the call at a housing complex in East Harlem. Hale’s mother contacted police after Hale had stopped taking medication for his bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. The violence broke out when Loor told Hale he would have to be taken to the hospital as his mother had asked.

After the incident, Hale was arrested and charged with attempted aggravated murder, assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

Hale’s mother said the police mishandled the situation and was planning on contacting a lawyer.

“They did not get backup, and they did not do their job right. My son was not feeling well; he was sick and said he wanted to go to the hospital,” she stated.



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