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Proposed Bill May Strip SC Dropouts of Driving Privileges

As reported by The State, South Carolina State Representative Tom Young recently proposed a bill that will strip teenagers of their driver’s licenses if they drop out of school before age 18. Under the proposed bill, a South Carolina student under the age of 18 who routinely skips school could have their South Carolina driver’s license suspended.

In a state often criticized for poor education performance, keeping students in school until high school graduation may improve South Carolina’s education standing.

Representative Young classified the proposal as a short-term solution to South Carolina’s low graduate rate. Students can currently drop out of school at the age of 17. South Carolina Department of Education officials believe the proposal has potential but expressed concern over the cost of increasing the drop out age.
Nearly 20 other states have similar laws, including South Carolina’s neighbors Georgia and Florida. Enrollment and graduation rates increased in both Georgia and Florida after similar laws went into effect. During the 2007-2008 school year, 8,400 teenagers in Florida had their licenses suspended for dropping out of school or accumulating too many absences. Of those 8,400, 96% re-enrolled in school.

So what do you think? Maybe revoking a teenager’s driver’s license will be enough to even keep Ferris Bueller in school?

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