Randy Travis is in Trouble with the Law Again!

Country singer Randy Travis is finding himself in trouble with the law, for a third time this year.

According to the LA Times, Travis’ most recent arrest stems from an altercation between his fiancée and her estranged husband. Travis received a citation Thursday, August 23 for Class C simple assault, according to Plano police spokesman David Tilley. People magazine described the citations as “similar to a traffic ticket”.

The altercation involved Travis’ fiancée, Travis’ lawyer told TMZ. Tilley told sources the woman was Travis’ girlfriend. The woman and her estranged husband were arguing in a church parking lot over visitation of their son. Travis eventually got involved in the altercation and left with torn clothes and “bloodshot” eyes according to TMZ.

Church Parking Lots

This is not the Travis’ only arrest in a church parking lot. Travis was arrested for public intoxication after officers found him with an open bottle of wine and slurring his words, while inside his Pontiac. At the time, Travis was parked in front of a church in Sanger, TX.

Travis is also facing charges stemming from an arrest earlier this month on charges of DUI and retaliation. On August 7, Travis drove his car off the road. When police responded to the scene, they found Travis naked outside his car. Travis then allegedly threatened to kill the cops on the scene before being arrested and taken to jail. Travis was released on $21,500 bail.

This leaves many questioning if Travis is an alcoholic and needs help. As to whether he was intoxicated during the last event, police spokesman Tilley said, “Everyone is making the assumption that he was extremely intoxicated,” but according to Tilley, “I’ve got the report, and there’s no indication he was intoxicated at all.”

“Was he? I don’t know, but the report doesn’t say he was,” states Tilley.

South Carolina DUI Lawyers

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