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Roll-Away Hondas Under Federal Safety Investigation as Potential Defective Products

Honda’s Defective Products

Honda is adding two more models to its potential defective product recall list – the Odyssey Minivan, and the Pilot SUV.

US safety regulators at the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration are launching an investigation into the automatic transmission interlock on the models from years 2003 to 2004. The NHTSA said that they have not issued a recall yet, and that the investigation is in preliminary stages right now. The models may be defective products.

According to reported complaints, the mechanism that locks the key in the ignition can fail. That means that drivers of the minivans or SUVs can remove their keys from the ignition without shifting the vehicle into park first, and then the car can roll away unexpectedly.

Defective Products Until Now

So far, owners of these two ‘03/04 models have filed 43 complaints, including 16 crashes and 2 injuries. Because of these potentially defective products, one person broke their leg while trying to stop their vehicle from rolling away; the other owner suffered an injured knee.

The NHTSA will evaluate whether or not there is a reason for concern in the first stage of their investigation. After that, they will begin an engineering analysis, which will most likely lead to a recall, although this part of the investigation does not always lead to recalling vehicles.

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