Ryan Dunn’s Estate Sued by Car Crash Victim’s Family

Wednesday, TMZ announced that late “Jackass” star Ryan Dunn was being sued by the parents of Zachary Hartwell, Dunn’s friend who was also killed in last summer’s fatal crash. Hartwell’s parents are now suing Dunn’s estate for personal damages.

Dunn and Hartwell were in Dunn’s Porsche, driving 132 mph, when Dunn ran off the road and hit a tree. They had been drinking at Barnaby’s of America in Westchester, PA, which the plaintiffs are also accusing of negligence.

Although the Pennsylvania State Board of Liquor Enforcement determined that they would not bring formal charges against Barnaby’s, Dunn’s family is also suing the restaurant for negligence, and their son’s lost wages for the past year.

The press release did not specify the amount that Hartwell’s family is suing for.

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