Defending Drug Possession Charges in South Carolina

South Carolina Drug Possession Defense Attorneys

Centrally located in Columbia, South Carolina, the drug possession lawyers at the Strom Law Firm provide aggressive legal representation which may help you avoid the fines and stiff penalties that can result from being arrested for drugs. We will fight to have your charges reduced or even dismissed.

South Carolina’s drug laws are among the stiffest in the nation. A first time offender charged with simple possession of marijuana can face up to thirty days in jail and be ordered to pay a fine, which can more than double when you add in court costs.

The penalties can significantly increase depending upon:

• The type of drug,
• the quantity of drugs,
• whether your case is brought in State or Federal court,
• your prior criminal record, or
• if you are accused of a drug crime within proximity of a
school, park, or childcare facility.

A Simple Charge Can Have Lasting Consequences: 

Even a conviction for simple possession of marijuana can result in:

• Academic discipline such as suspension or expulsion,
• Loss of financial aid or scholarships,
• Loss of, or inability to obtain, a professional license.

Proving Drug Possession In South Carolina:

In SC, there are two types of possession charges:

• actual possession
• constructive possession

To be charged with actual possession, the drugs must physically be on you, i.e., in your pocket, jacket, purse, or hand; to be charged with constructive possession, the drugs can be found in your car or home.

Whether you are charged with:

• Simple Possession
• Possession With The Intent to Distribute or Intent to sell drugs
• Possession of drugs in the proximity of a school, child care facility or park, or
• Felony Possession

The drug charge attorneys at the Strom Law Firm, LLC will investigate your case from every angle and work to have your charges reduced or even dismissed.

Possession With The Intent To Distribute:

To convict you for possession with the intent to distribute or sell drugs in South Carolina, the prosecution must prove that you had possession of a specific quantity of drugs. You may also be charged with drug distribution if the drugs even appeared to be packaged for distribution.

Under South Carolina law, the following amounts are sufficient to be charged with possession with the intent to distribute drugs:

  • Marijuana: one or more ounces
  • Crack Cocaine: one or more grams
  • Heroin: two grains
  • Cocaine:  one or more grams

Penalties Related to Possessing a Firearm:

Possession of a firearm during commission of a drug offense is related charge that can land you in Federal Court, leading to more severe consequences and making it more difficult to have your charges reduced. Any Federal drug conviction accompanied by a weapons conviction can result in an additional five to 15 years of imprisonment.

The drug possession lawyers at the Strom Law Firm, LLC know the evidence to look for to defend your case. We are familiar with the laws, court procedures and strategies used by government prosecutors. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss how we can help. We offer flexible payment options and accept Visa and Mastercard.


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