SLED Increasing Crackdown on Beer Festivals

Beer Festival Organizers to Change Their Process Following Increased Enforcement of State Alcoholic Beverage Control Act According to The Post and Courier, beer festival organizers in South Carolina are facing new hurdles as they plan their upcoming events. The problem stems from recent increased enforcement of a state law that is 20 years old. … [Read more...]

Bar Loses Liquor License After Patron Died

After Fatal Car Accident Killed Drunk Patron, Massachusetts Bar Loses Liquor License In the early hours of New Year’s Day, bar patron James McLaughlin crashed his car, killing himself and injuring two other passengers in a severe drunk driving accident. The bar, Common Ground in Arlington, Massachusetts, has since been closed by the Board of … [Read more...]

Alcohol Beverage Licensing Violation Leads to Club Raid and Arrests

Violation of Alcohol Beverage Licensing at Bluffton Club Leads to Criminal Charges and Arrests Nine people were arrested and charged after a Bluffton, SC night club was raided based on reports of alcohol beverage licensing violations. Arresting officers found that the club was operating without a business license, and also without a license to … [Read more...]

South Carolina Law Strict on Selling Alcohol to Minors

South Carolina’s Alcohol Beverage Licensing Board Punishes Businesses that Sell Alcohol to Minors, Even if it is an Accident According to news listed on the National Liquor Law Enforcement Association’s “Underage News” page, the U.S. has seen 43 incidents in various states involving busts of bars, restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, … [Read more...]

Florida Gun Range Gets Alcohol Beverage License to Serve

Florida Gun Range Allowed to Open Restaurant with Alcohol Beverage License Daytona Beach commissioners have given permission to a local gun range to get an alcohol beverage license, open a restaurant, and serve booze to patrons who are legal drinking age. The commissioners approved the measure on Wednesday, August 19th, allowing the 12-lane gun … [Read more...]

Business License Restrictions Aimed to Stop Myrtle Beach Crime

Myrtle Beach Halting Business and Alcohol Beverage Licenses to Large Bars to Curb Crime Wave Two years ago, Myrtle Beach halted the development of large entertainment establishments in the downtown area, especially bars that seat over 150 patrons. Now, with pop-up nightclubs becoming a haven for potential criminals and suggestions of redevelopment … [Read more...]

Columbia Movie Theatre Has Applied for Alcohol Beverage License

Forest Acres Movie Theatre Plans to Sell Alcohol, Applied for Alcohol Beverage License The Forest Acres Wynnsong 10 Movie Theatre has applied for an alcohol beverage license, making it the first movie theatre in the Columbia, SC area to move in that direction. The Georgia-based movie theatre chain, Carmike Inc, which runs all of the Wynnsong … [Read more...]

Changes to Alcohol Beverage License Restrictions on Sunday in Lancaster County

Lancaster County Stops Some Sunday Sales by Making Changes to Alcohol Beverage License Restrictions South Carolina has observed “blue laws” in some shape or form for decades – laws that prohibit the sale of beer, wine, and spirits on Sunday, restricting retail sales of alcohol even for those who hold an alcohol beverage license. Some counties have … [Read more...]

Wild Wing Cafe Defends Alcohol Beverage License

Wild Wing Café in Statesboro, GA Defends Alcohol Beverage License Based on Unclear Laws Last fall, the Statesboro, GA City Council resumed hearings on alcohol beverage license infractions, and numerous businesses have gone before the council in that time to argue to keep their alcohol beverage licenses. One business, Wild Wing Café, stood to lose … [Read more...]

Retail License Revoked for Chester County Restaurant

Chester County Restaurant Closed for Retail License Violations A businessman in Chester County has been accused by the South Carolina Department of Revenue of failing to pay $38,000 in back taxes, and continuing to operate his bar and restaurant without a proper retail license. The Rock Hill resident was arrested on Wednesday, February 4th, for … [Read more...]

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