Antitrust Class Action Against Silicon Valley Tech Giants Might Reach Settlement

Major Antitrust Class Action Against Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe Reaches Settlement In 2010, the United States Department of Justice revealed that four major players in Silicon Valley – Apple Inc, Google, Intel, and Adobe – all had secret deals not to hire each other’s engineers, or “prevent poaching,” which the employees viewed as employment … [Read more...]

Apple Wins iTunes Antitrust Lawsuit

Apple Wins $1 Billion Antitrust Lawsuit Over iTunes and iPods After just a week at trial, the 10-year-old antitrust lawsuit claiming Apple intentionally bricked iPods that did not exclusively use iTunes went to deliberation, and the technology company won. On December 16th, the California jury found that Apple did not violate antitrust laws by … [Read more...]

Apple Antitrust Lawsuit Stumbles Through First Week

Apple Antitrust Lawsuit Loses Two Plaintiffs, Backup Plaintiffs Called In The decade-old Apple antitrust class action lawsuit, against Apple, for forcing iPod users to exclusively use iTunes has hit some stumbling blocks in the first week, after two plaintiffs were dropped from the lawsuit, and the class action attorneys filed five replacement … [Read more...]

Apple iPod Antitrust Lawsuit Finally Underway

After a Decade, Antitrust Lawsuit Against Apple’s iPod and iTunes Underway An antitrust lawsuit against Apple for its iTunes and iPod policies is finally underway in Oakland, California. Court documents related to the antitrust lawsuit accuse Apple of creating a monopoly between 2006 and 2009, because iPods would only play songs purchased … [Read more...]

Discover Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Visa

Discover Card Accuses Visa of Illegal Antitrust Activity, Files Antitrust Lawsuit On Tuesday, November 25th, Discover filed an antitrust lawsuit against Visa, alleging that the company is intentionally aggressive in order to maintain a monopoly over the credit card market. “In order to maintain its monopoly, Visa has undertaken a series of … [Read more...]

NCAA Files Motion to Dismiss Compensation Antitrust Lawsuits

NCAA Files Motion to Dismiss Plaintiffs from Compensation Antitrust Lawsuits The NCAA announced on Thursday, September 4th, that the college football league had filed a motion in a district court in Northern California to dismiss two antitrust lawsuits that were filed in March. One of the antitrust lawsuits includes four former college football … [Read more...]

Apple Settles Antitrust Lawsuit

Apple Settles Antitrust Lawsuit Alleging E-Book Price Gauging Apple Inc. has agreed to settle an antitrust lawsuit with class-action plaintiffs who claimed the computer giant overcharged e-cook customers by hundreds of millions of dollars. The settlement offer has not been publicized, and could still be voted down by the class-action … [Read more...]

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